The mission of the Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers:

The mission is to provide directors and staff ongoing support and training. WASC was chartered in 1983. It continues to expand in membership, has a strong foundation and network for senior center managers, and is succeeding in its primary purpose of giving support to its members in every way possible. WASC continues to constructively promote senior centers as viable focal points for services and activities in Wisconsin communities.

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Contact: wiseniorcenters@gmail.com 

2023 Board of Directors

Lori Oertel, President    oertlor@sdmfschools.org  Menomonee Falls

Linda Kleven, Vice-President klevenl@ci.janesville.wi.us  608-755-3040  Janesville

Laura Hunt, Treasurer  lhunt@cityof madison.com  608-267-8650  City of Madison

Danielle Greene, Secretary  dlgreene2006@gmail.com 715-682-2776  Ashland

Bob Power, Accreditation  rpower@colonialclub.org  608-837-4611  Colonial Club/Sun Prairie 

Mailing Address:


Lowell Center - Joan Kranig

220 3rd Avenue South Suite3

Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495 

 District 1: D - Linda Kleven, Janesville klevenl@ci.janesville.wi.us                                                               D - Laura Hunt, Madison  lhunt@cityofmadison.com                                                                     A - Chris Nye, Fort Atkinson  cnye@fortatkinsonwi.gov

District 2: D - Lori Oertel, Menomonee Falls   oertlor@sdmfschools.org                                                    D - Denise Jacobs  fjacob@kusd.edu                                                                                             A - Catherine Kierner, Port Washington  ckierner@portwashingtonwi.gov

District 3: D - Emily Kendall-Araujo, Uptown/Sheboygan                                                                                                emily.rendall-araujo@sheboyganwi.gov                                                                  D - Noreen Johnson, Ripon  seniorcenter@cityofripon.com                                                        A - Open Seat                                                                                                                   

District 4:  D -  Barb Pritzl, Augusta  augustasr.comm.ctr@gmail.com                                                           D - Danielle Greene, Ashland  dlgreene2006@gmail.com                                                             A - Kate Giblin, Lincoln Center/Stevens Point  giblink@co.portage.wi.gov